Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you wonder how we and our robots work? Check it out in the FAQs

We are an autonomous mobility company with the mission to develop the legal and engineering framework for the European Autonomous Mobility Networks of the
next decades. With the emerging trends in technologies, Europe is falling behind in the mobility landscape. At Goggo we aspire to influence governments and corporates to create a European licensing system for autonomous vehicles to foster investment and put Europe at the forefront of mobility innovation. Goggo was founded by serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky and ex McKinsey Associate Partner Yasmine Fage, we raised over €44M in Venture Capital funding so far from Softbank and Axel Springer Ventures.

Goggo partners with merchants directly and integrates with the delivery platforms they already use. When you order through these platforms to an address within the robot-serviceable area, you will receive a Goggo robot delivery, pending device availability.

We ensure that our robots are never blocking the sidewalks. The only time they stop is when they are picking-up or dropping-off a parcel, otherwise, if they are not delivering a package, they will go back to the logistics center. Our robots are programmed to avoid pedestrians and will not be an obstacle for pedestrians with limited visibility or mobility.

Teleoperators are trained to guide the robots to circulate pedestrian crossings. At night, the robots are made visible with headlights, taillights, reflective material, and LED-lit flags.

Goggo aims to become the largest operator of autonomous fleets in Europe. We will sooner than later be available in your area, visit our page later or subscribe here and we will let you know as soon as we are available!