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Autonomous logistic alternatives grow as an alternative to riders

July 6, 2022

Goggo Cart completes its trials in Las Rozas: first self-driving foodtruck in an urban environment in Europe

February 9, 2022
  / La Razón

The first delivery robot is now a reality on the streets of Madrid

February 3, 2022
  / ABC Motor

The robot bringing your food home will move in Madrid

January 31, 2022
  / El Economista

Goggo expects to have a fleet of autonomous delivery robots circulating in Spain within 18 months

December 18, 2021
  / El Español

Las Rozas launches the first autonomous "food truck"

December 14, 2021
  / Telemadrid

Glovo launches its first autonomous home delivery robots together with Goggo

December 13, 2021
  / Business Insider

Glovo, Mallorca and Dani Garcia rely on robots for food delivery

December 13, 2021
  / Cinco Días

Flying cabs, autonomous food trucks, logistics drones... The city of robots grows in the south of Madrid

October 26, 2021
  / El Mundo

Goggo Network will start a pilot of autonomous vehicles for food delivery in 2022

September 14, 2021
  / Expansión

VIVATECH 2021: 5 amazing innovations at the new technology fair of Europe

June 6, 2021
  / CNews

Levere, an American SPAC dedicated to the mobility of the future in Europe

May 3, 2021
  / Le Figaro

Autonomous vehicles: what are the rules of the game for France and Europe?

January 22, 2021
  / Les Echos

Yasmine Fage: "It will be as important as the evolution from horses to cars"

October 4, 2020
  / El español

EMT launches an on-demand bus line in Madrid

July 9, 2020
  / Cinco Días

Martin Varsavsky plans to create an autonomous taxi fleet in Europe

June 28, 2020
  / Business Insider

“Europe must prevent Google from doing to transport what Amazon did to e-commerce”

December 27, 2019
  / Cinco Días

10 minutes with Martin Varsavsky, CEO of Goggo Network

December 18, 2019
  / Forbes

Goggo Network will promote the development of autonomous vehicles

December 16, 2019
  / Les Echos

Start-up Goggo challenges Google with mini-vans

December 16, 2019
  / Le Figaro